• Must be Born Again Christian male, and have been Baptized by full immersion.
  • Must believe in using the KING JAMES BIBLE as the authority for belief and doctrine and that it is without error.Must have a Glory Riders sponsor to apply for membership. If no member is local you must use the Founder or your State Director if applicable.
  • Complete and email membership application to Founder and your State Director if applicable.
  • A fee will be collected from each Prospect only to cover cost of patches. Patches remain property of GR until 5 years of honorable service have been completed. Should you be removed from or leave GR before the 5 years is up, you must return the patches to your State Director or the Founder.
  • Prospect period begins after paperwork is done and accepted.
  • The Prospect will receive the bottom rocker and MM cube at the time he is accepted.
  • The Prospect time period will consist of a minimum of 90 days.
  • Must be an active member during the Prospect period and thereafter.
  • Prospect and his Sponsor will appear before the membership at the end of probation and/or any other time as the membership declares, for a full vote and presentation of the center patch, KJV cube, and GLORY RIDERS Top rocker, if you are accepted.
  • Do Not bring shame upon the ministry. If you do we will ask for your patches and if need be, come for the recovery of them. Your patches remain property of Glory Riders Motorcycle Ministry, if you leave or are removed they MUST BE RETURNED IMMEDIATELY. This is in the event of your resignation in good standing short of the 5 years or if you are removed for various conditions such as lack or involvement, bad continued misconduct, etc.



  • Read the King James Version Holy Bible, and if you are Saved by His Grace Through Faith, this is the only rule book necessary.  The requirements above are only for membership purposes and the Prospect period is there to maintain the true principles of the motorcycle club world and to enable you to effectively become aware of their club protocol so that when we are out soul winning among bikers we are not disrespectful to them. This also teaches you respect for each GLORY RIDER and therefore creates the tightest of Brotherhoods, as not only are we Brothers in Christ but, Brothers in the Wind. Prospecting is a time of learning MC Protocol, and Brotherhood. It is a time to Pray and study God's Word with others and be a soul winner.

  • One very strong addition is a code of conduct which maintains that we WILL NOT be involved in another club’s business or gather information on any club's business for the purpose of law enforcement. This is not an encouragement to break any laws. We do not want to ruin our effective witnessing position, as our only goal is to show bikers the way to Salvation and Eternal Life through Jesus Christ.


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